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Who We Are

Based out of Los Angeles California GroLens was started to advance the Grow Community with our data driven web technology.

We cater to California’s commercial grow operations by not only simplifying compliance reporting but providing growers with unique insights that help produce the high quality consistent flower consumers love.


Our Process

How We Can Help

GroLens supports the cultivator through every step of the grow cycle.



Be able to track and trace...

  • Rooms

  • Plants & Plant Batches

  • Strains

  • Care Activities

  • Nutrient

  • Power & Water Consumption




Be able to efficiently record...

  • Wet weight by Plant ID

  • Dry Weight by trimmer & grade

  • Track Trimmer Productivity to minimize loss



Be able to manage...

  • Testing submissions & results

  • Real-time inventory management by strain, grade, & test results

  • Generate dynamic manifests

  • Track sales

  • Analyze harvest results by: Strain, Zone, Date

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of growers and distributors interviewed chose GroLens over other platforms

GroLens goes beyond annoying compliance reporting. We give you an edge on your competition by helping you identify your highest performing strains and providing you with data that helps grow more effectively every run. We make good growers great.



Reasons to use GroLens

Reproduce top yields

Reproduce top yields

Consistency is everything in today’s evolving industry. When you have your highest yielding and most potent runs, GroLens makes it easy to pinpoint exactly how you got there. Never miss your yield goals again!

Reduce cost per pound

Reduce cost per pound

Understand your spend across the entire operation with our expense reporting dashboard. Quantify and identify the source of loss and waste immediately with our harvest management module. Get every dollar out of your operation with GroLens.

Stay ahead of compliance

Stay ahead of compliance

As a Validated Software Provider with METRC GroLens can save you time by reporting track and trace data to the state to keep your business compliant. Spend less time worrying about compliance and more time building your brand.

Manage workflow

Manage workflow

Whether you have 500 sq ft or 50,000 sq ft GroLens has the power to track every plant, growth phase, activity, staff member, zone, and more. Our platform ensures every “i is dotted and t is crossed” and you get a high quality product to market faster.

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