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5 Must Do Best Practices to Help Your Cultivation Thrive    

Written by Amanda Drapes on Oct 06, 2020

Stemming from our questions and conversations with GroLens users, we are here to provide 5 best practices to integrate into your cultivation processes to ease the load, keep compliant, and ensure success. 

1) Assign your metrc tags in GroLens prior to applying them to your plants physically to ensure efficient and accurate tracking.

Accurate tracking is the backbone of a successful and compliant operation. This can be tricky at points, we know, but for the sake of your sanity, and to prevent your team from the possibilities of doubling up on work or unnecessary troubleshooting, we strongly encourage growers to always assign their tags in GroLens before physically assigning them in the field when at all possible. Although our team has some masters of account reconciliation to help you out, the time (and sanity) you can lose when trying to untangle where your tags got off track, how to shift them to correctly reflect GroLens and Metrc, and then guarantee everything has been corrected … from others experience, I can confidently say, it's almost always not worth it ;)

2) Apply individual tags by starting at one corner and snaking your way back and forth through your plants for ease of future plant action and care.

Why? It’s simple and efficient. Never a need to dig through your plants, you will know exactly where each plant tag is at all times. It's a small tip that provides big results!

3) When drying your plants on multi-level shelving, attach the tags for each plant onto the shelf it is drying on.

Remember, your plants are tracked by their plant tags up until the point they are packaged, meaning, your tags should remain with their associated plants up until a package tag is applied. Assign a place that will be used consistently to display the tags of the plants in each area so your entire team knows exactly what to do. This will be especially handy during inspections when growers are expected to be able to provide direct association between plants and their tags, whole or broken down.

4) Wet weights should be submitted in Bulk as an entire plant group to prevent multiple harvests (Metrc Users)

Metrc enforces a strict submission window for harvests which we have found through other's experiences isn’t always a set period of time. Some people have seen a harvest batch stay open for up to 48 hours allowing them to submit weights on and off over two days without seeing a split in their harvest while others took a lunch break midst harvesting and found their pre-lunch and post-lunch harvest numbers have been split into two harvest groups which will call for the removal and resubmission of the harvest.

In order to prevent this from happening, save your harvest data as you go, then once the entire plant group has wet weight added in GroLens, submit the entire harvest at once using the bulk submit button found at the top of your harvest dashboard.

Should you for any reason need or want to submit some plant weights sooner than others (ie some plants have matured faster than others, you would like to flash freeze a portion of your plant group, etc) Split off the plants you would like to harvest immediately assigning them a new group tag and allowing you to harvest the two groups separately without any issue.

To Split a plant group, locate the correct group then: More Info > Split

5) Go Mobile in the field

This is one of our most valuable pieces of advice we have to give. With our mobile app seeing updates on a regular basis, this is your team's best bet in seeing the most return in terms of capabilities, efficiency, and reporting consistency and accuracy in GroLens. With the ability to manage the entire growing process from group creation to package creation, the app removes any need for spreadsheets or manual notation. Just scan and go. We know mobile capabilities offer endless rewards to our customers and we would love to set up a time to review or train your team on all its capabilities if you are not yet using this feature!

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