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Metrc FAQ | Oklahoma

Written by Amanda Drapes on Mar 01, 2021

Metrc Frequently Asked Questions:

With Metrc training and credentialling rolling out in Oklahoma, we are here to provide some answers to commonly asked questions.

1) What’s the status of Metrc in Oklahoma?

Metrc Training is active and available for any Licensed Cultivator to enroll.

Learn More Here

2) What do I need in order to use Metrc? 

Metrc’s track-and-trace system relies on two main components: online software and physical tags. Licensees use Metrc specific tags to uniquely identify cannabis products and use share information with the software related to plants are your facility.

The needs for Metrc use are simple:

Account Setup:

  • Computer and reliable internet access (chrome suggested)
  • Active state cultivation license
  • Completed Metrc Training Program


  • Metrc Credentials
    The license holder will receive Metrc login credentials through which they are able to create accounts for all other team members requiring access to Metrc. All users must access Metrc through their own designated login. The failure to do so can result in citations through Metrc and the State.
  • Metrc Plant and Package tags
    Users will be required to have both plant and package tags on hand in order to bring in starting inventory, so we recommend ordering your tags immediately unpon the receival of your Metrc credentials/login.

Integration of GroLens

  • Metrc API Key
    This is easily generated directly in your Metrc account
  • State License number
  • Adding our Support to your Metrc team

    Once we have this information we are able to quickly and easily import pre-existing information or schedule an on-boarding to help you get your plants into Metrc and setup on GroLens!

3) When will I receive my Metrc credentials?

​According to the most recent information shared by Metrc, with the training available starting March 1st, 2021, they are currently shooting to have users credentialed within 4 weeks of completing their training.


4) How much will Metrc charge for tags?

Metrc charges $0.45 per plant tag and $0.25 per package tag. These costs are designed to be very affordable and scale with the size of the business. There are no hidden fees or large one-time costs to use Metrc.

5) How will tag ordering work?
Each license will be designated a set number of tags available to order. You will be able to order as many or few as you want up to the number set in your Tag Order dashboard. As your harvests are completed and plant tags are marked as inactive, more tags will become available to order.


6)  How does the system work?

 Metrc is an integrated system that allows for real-time tracking and tracing of marijuana plants and products. Licensees attach unique, serialized tags to every plant or package. These tags feature readable text, barcodes, and RFID chips to uniquely identify each plant and package – both physically and digitally in the online software. Users then enter information related to those plants and packages, such as weight, transfer of custody, and test results in our online software platform. That information is available to the licensee and the OMMA


7) Do I have to use Metrc? Will it work with GroLens?

It is required by the State of Oklahoma for all cultivators to utilize Metrc to track your marijuana. Metrc will provide an API key to customers who wish to use a third-party inventory management system like GroLens which will easily allow sharing of plant and package information from GroLens to Metrc automatically.

8) What if I have technical issues after the system has deployed?

​Metrc has a dedicated team of support staff who will be available to resolve any technical support issues. You should expect to connect with a representative who will take notes on any issues or questions, then they will submit the ticket for a review then reach back out with an answer. Generally, front-line reps are not able to provide immediate resolution assistance.

GroLens provides top-tier Customer Support and extensive experience in troubleshooting with Metrc. Our users are able to reach out to us as well, we will review the issue and provide next stesp whether it is trouble-shooting or information on who to connect with and what to provide.

9) Will other licensees be able to see my inventory information?

​No. Licensees will only be able to access their own information through Metrc. They will not be able see any information about any other licensee unless they are doing business with another licensee. An example would be transferring packages where a receiving business can see the package information and lab results from the shipping business prior to receiving the inventory into their account. 

10) What training materials can I download?
GroLens provides direct account setup, training, and ongoing support for its users including an extensive and growing archive of State, Metrc, and GroLens centric manuals, guides, and tutorials.


11) Why aren’t the tags reusable?

Reusing the number would create confusion and an inability to track a plant or package properly in the event of an action requiring traceability such as a recall.  This traceability is necessary for ensuring public safety, mitigating public health concerns that arise, and ensuring consumers’ protection.

Have other questions about GroLens or Metrc? Schedule a time to talk!

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